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The Outsider, The Silas Marner Story, written by George Elliott, weaves the threads of betrayal, greed, new beginnings, love, transformation and redemption into a glorious tapestry that is worthy of the unique stage adaptation that has been created for OBPC.

  • Performace and Tech Week November 1st through 17th.
  • Rehearsals Monday evenings beginning August 12th.
  • Standard Audition Requirements apply. (main menu, Auditions, Standard Requirements)
  • Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a copy of the script
  • All Audition pieces must come from “The Outsider” script. Sides are listed below and should be memorized. Actors to read opposite will be available at auditions if needed.
  • A cast List is provided below
  • Appropriate suggested ages are requested for each character. The suggested age is derived from the characters age portrayal in the story and the original intent of the author. It is just a suggestion.

PLEASE NOTE – Consideration of age allowances for each character is based on the maturity, physical appearance and ability of the actor who is auditioning.   This consideration falls to the casting committee to decide.

  • (If you have questions or concerns, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Suggested Age and List of Characters

25-40+             Silas Marner – cobbler, recluse, adopted father to Eppie

16-30               William Dane – one time best friend to Silas Marner. Framed him for a crime he himself committed.

15-30               Sarah – engaged to marry Silas.   Ends up marrying William

15-30               Deborah – Lantern Yard friend

16-30               Henry- Lantern Yard friend

30+                  Deacon Gray – dying man

30+                  Elder Brown – governing board of Lantern Yard

40+                  Minister Paston – head pastor of Lantern Yard

30+                  Elders – governing board of Lantern Yard

15+                  Rachael – young lady from Raveloe

15+                  Mary - young lady from Raveloe

15+                  Elizabeth - young lady from Raveloe

15+                  Jenny – Young lady from Raveloe, crush on Godfrey Cass

40+                  Mayor Cass – Mayor of Raveloe, lives on Red Rock Ranch

25-40               Godfrey Cass – son of Mayor, Eppies birth father

25-40               Dunstan Cass- wicked son of Mayor, steals from Silas

15+                  Jane – maid to the Cass Family

16-35+             Nancy Lammeter, in love with Godfrey and later marries him

16-35+             Priscilla Lammeter , sister of Nancy

30+                  Mr. Lammeter, father to Nancy and Priscilla

16-30+             Jem Rodney – local cowboy, sometime poacher/rustler

25+                  Dowlas – owner of the local tavern/saloon

25+                  Mr. Snell

25+                  Mr. Macy

18+                  Bryce – man who agrees to buy horse

40+                  Mr. Crackenthorp

40+                  Mrs. Crackenthorp

30+                  Dolly Winthrop – good friend to Silas who helps him raise Eppie

5+                    Aaron Winthrop – YOUNGER - son of Dolly who marries Eppie when he is older

15+                  Aaron Winthrop - OLDER

25+                  Mrs. Osgood – rich woman in town, throws New Years Eve party

25+                  Mrs. Kimble – wife of Dr. Kimble

25+                  Dr. Kimble – doctor who confirms that Molly is dead

15+                  Molly Farren – first wife to Godfrey & mother to Eppie. Drug overdose takes her life

2+                    Eppie – YOUNGER birth child to Godfrey, adopted by Silas

15+                  Eppie - OLDER





The Outsider

The Silas Marner Story

Audition Sides


Scene / Pages Characters Description
Opening Pages 1-3 William, Sarah and Silas          Silas is on the brink of losing everything and he doesn’t realize it      

Scene 3: Pages 7-8

Silas & William Silas stands accused of crime William committed
Scene 6: Pages 13-16   Godfrey and Dunstan  Dunstan blackmails Godfrey and threatens to tell his secret

Scene 9: Pages 24-29   

Mayor Cass & Godfrey  Godfrey tells his father the truth about missing money and the horse
Scene 11C: Page 40     Molly Farren  Molly succumbs to death
Scene 11D: Page 42-43       Godfrey & Nancy  Godfrey tries to persuade Nancy he loves her
Scene 11E: Page 48-50     Dolly & Silas Dolly offers encouragement to Silas & will help with Eppie
Scene 13: Page 53-56       Dolly & Silas   Dolly helps Silas recount his Lantern Yard days and what happened
Scene 13: Page 56-58      Silas & Eppie  Eppie tells Silas that Aaron wants to marry her
Scene 14: Page 58-62      Godfrey & Nancy  Godfrey finally tells Nancy the truth about everything
Scene 15: Page 63          Silas & Eppie  Silas tells Eppie how much he loves her    
Scene 15: Page 64-69          Godfrey & Nancy Godfrey demands to have Eppie back

















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