September 2023       This Place - Film Project
January 2021       Little Women - Film Project
May 2020       Pride and Prejudice - Film Project
November 2019 The Outsider, The Silas Marner Story
April 2019 Charlotte's Web
November 2018       It's A Wonderful Life
April 2018 Ella, A Musical Cinderella Tale
November 2017       Miracle On 34th Street
November 2016       The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
April 2016 The Importance of Being Earnest
March 2016 The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
November 2015 Tiny Tim's Christmas
October 2015 Bed Bugs / The Little Red Hen
May 2015 Let Him Sleep Til It's Time For His Funeral
April 2015 American Girl - Tea for Felicity
April 2015 American Girl - War On the Home Front
November 2014 A Christmas Carol - A mini musical
April 2014 Pride and Prejudice
March 2014 The Little Princess
Novemeber 2013 It's A Wonderful Life
October 2012 The Legends of Sleepy Hollow
April 2012 Anne of Green Gables The Early Years
January 2012 Emma - A Jane Austen Story
October 2011 Charlotte's Web
April 2011 Little Women
December 2010 The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
April 2010 Charlotte's Web
December 2009 A Christmas Carol
October 2009 Legend of Sleepy Hollow
April 2009 Anne of Green Gables - The Sequel
November 2008 It's A Wonderful Life
May 2008 American Girl
October 2007 Doc, Doc Goose
October 2007 Legend of Sleep Hollow
April 2007 Pride and Prejudice
December 2006 A Christmas Carol
October 2006 Bed Bugs, Hellen Keller, Seven Cream Jugs
April 2006 Anne Of Green Gables
March 2006 True Story of the Three Little Pigs
November 2005 Great Pandemonium
April 2005 Little Women
March 2005 Charlotte's Web
April 2004 Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe
December 2003 A Christmas Carol
June 2003 Pride and Prejudice
March 2003 Number The Stars
July 2002 I Love Lucy, 7 Cream Jugs
March 2002 True Story of the Three Little Pigs