Orange Barrel Production Company Auditions


Anne of Green Gables-The Early Years
Date: July 18, 2023
Time: Beginning at 6:30pm

Location: Mt. Vernon Developmental Center, Administration Bldg. (first building up the hill, on the right) Crossroads Theater (located on first floor at the rear of the bldg.)
1250 Vernonview Drive, Mt. Vernon OH 43050

Contact Telephone Number: 740-504-8847, Michele Bayko
Rehearsals: Every Thursday evening, beginning on July 25 th from 6:30-9pm
Tech Week: October 8,9,10
Performances: October 11,12, October 18,19


Cast List with *suggested ages.
Narrator 1 (early to middle Teen)
Narrator 2 (early to middle Teen)
Narrator 3 (early to middle Teen)
Station Master (Adult)
Anne Shirley (early to middle Teen)
Matthew Cuthbert (Adult)
Marilla Cuthbert (Adult)
Rachel Lynde (Adult)
Diana Barry (early to middle Teen)
Mrs. Barry (Adult)
Mrs. Allen (Older Teen, Adult)
Teacher (Older Teen, Adult)
Gilbert Blythe (middle Teen)
Charlie Sloan (middle Teen)
Moody Spurgeon (middle Teen)
Minnie Mae Barry (younger Youth)
Josie Pye (early to middle Teen)
Ruby Gillis (early to middle Teen)
School Children (younger youth to mid teen)

*Age suggestions are just that – suggestions. A great deal depends on the experience and maturity of each
individual and the overall age group that attend auditions. This adaptation as the ability to be performed with
a slightly younger or older age cast and can be adjusted accordingly.

Auditions must come from the script. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a script.