Overview for Vocal Training

Sabina Anderson will be providing class vocal instruction for all students enrolled in Encore School of Theater and Voice.  Students will learn the principles of healthy vocal production and foundational skills that can be applied to both solo and ensemble settings.  Each class will include warm-ups and emphasize key musical elements including diction, breathing, expression, etc.  Group classes provide a safe and supportive environment allowing students to grow their musical abilities.

Format for vocal portion:

  • stretch
  • breathing exercises
  • vocal warmups
  • song game—emphasis changes (dynamics, movement, concentration, etc.)
  • rehearse repertoire

Long-term goals for the course are to develop:

  • pitch
  • dynamics
  • projection
  • breathing
  • diction
  • tone
  • expression
  • moving while singing

*Vocal exercises used in each class are geared toward developing these skills.

Overview for Theatrical Training

Michele Bayko will be providing theatrical class instruction for all students enrolled in Encore School of Theater and Voice. Our course of study will include:
• Core applications of theater production
• Character development
• Stage presence and presentation
• What makes a good story
• The importance of research and commitment
• How to prepare for an audition
• Defining and developing your character
• Leaving your comfort zone
• Finding the objectives and obstacles
• Sight and vocalization
• Physical movement/ blocking
• Active listening and articulation
• Backstage. Lighting and sound
• The art of props & costuming
• Stage design
• Dance & Song

Students will enjoy and grow in their theater instruction as we explore the many facets of the “stage”. All class levels are designed to be “hands on” and made appropriate for each groups skill level.
Fun, interactive activities will be used to demonstrate the above objectives and student participation is
key to their success. Skills acquired from my instruction will include:
• Problem Solving and Creative thinking
• Reading and Analyzing
• Communication and Listening
• Planning and Organizing
• Empathy and Self confidence